Monday, 27 August 2018

Waterhole poster

Hi, blog I am back and today I will be posting my waterhole poster that I made for the classroom and even other class members did it too. Mr said that the best one will be chosen but I am not posting this because I got chosen for the classroom I am posting it because this is a  reading job that I did. So here it is. Hope you like it bye!!                     

Thursday, 23 August 2018


Hi, blog, I am back and today I got a question for you today.
So how many of you guys have been through grief? Because I know my mum has when her mum died. So if I had a grief then I will just have some time off because people need time when they go through grief so that is all I needed to tell you.
Hope you read and enjoy

Want to see my HOMEWORK!!

Hi, blog I am back and today I am going to be posting my homework I did at home for Mr so he knows what I am doing for my homework. So my title for my homework is balancing. So what was challenging was that I couldn´t do it so I got my sister to do it for me some balances so here it is!!

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

All about me in 2018

Hey guys I am back and today I will be telling you guys about me in 2018. So I am Keren my name has not changed and  I am 10 years old. I am Tongan and I have 1 mum 1 dad and 3 sisters and 3 brothers. I have 9 people in my family because including me.I go to church also with my whole family on Sundays and Tuesdays. My favorite subject is Maths because when I grow up and someone asks me an important question I could answer it straight away. I am a year 6 now and my goal for Maths is to learn my  decimals , conversions, Fractions. My Writing goal is vocabulary. My Reading goal is make sure I don’t struggle on retelling the story.
SO I think that´s all.
Hope you like it bye. 2018 story all about me!!



Hi my blog I am back and today I am going to be posting my limericks so here it is. We did it on Friday I was  announcing and I did not know what to do when I came back so I copied and pasted a Limericks to show you it how it goes and how it works. There are syllables and first,second,and fifth line has 7  syllables in it. so here it is.Hope yo like it bye and also I will blog you later hope you read and count the syllables
Thanks for reading bye.


Hi blog I am back and today I am going to be posting this fraction decimal percentage and also this other video which is about 

Squares and Square Roots because it could be my goal I think I am going to  

 and one more thing it was challenging because at first I was scared that I will get all question wrong. Also there is a video of  fractions. Please click the link.

Squares and Square Roots thanks for watching and reading!!

Thursday, 16 August 2018


Hi blog I am back and today I am going to be posting my MUSIC  I did for my homework. I really enjoyed doing it because people need to learn that downloading Music and coping people´s songs and selling it that is not good so I am going to post it. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Hi guys it Keren and today I am going to be posting my Storyboard with you guys. So Storyboard is like when you make a video with like story's and angels and like actors and you can make a video that can be comedy and horror and other things. So I did not finish because we just did this today so sorry if you guys wanted to see the whole thing but I will try and finish it so ya thanks.Hope you like my work and please correct me if I am wrong. It was not challenging because I knew what to do and I had buddies to so ya.Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 9 August 2018


Hi ,blog,I am back and today I am going to be posting my basic facts.Because I am posting is because I want you guys to me with my goals and I will help you by posting my learning. It was challenging because I was on level 7 and I am still learning.What term? Term 3 and 2.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018


Hi Ako Hiko school's I am back and today I will be posting my SAMR if you know what it stand for comment down below. SAMR is when you like have a debate and instruction and like debate is when you like want to write on book not Chromebook so it's basically just like that but  what was challenging was that I first didn't know what to do and then my friends helped me so then I finished in about 7 minutes.Thanks for reading my blog see you guys later or blog you later alligator.If you want to know what SAMR means I could tell you. It means Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

My learning

Hi blog I am back and today I am going to be posting my learning that I have been doing this week and I really enjoyed doing my learning because i was reading jobs and it really helped me with my learning because I always use to think that reading isn't good for me only math so I was doing some researches about reading and then I did find out that reading is good for me so ya I am going to be posting it now.
it was not challenging for me but SAMR was because I really didn't know what to do but at least I tried my best on SAMR.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018


Hi blog I am back and today I am posting my labels and I did it for reading. It is about recycling paper bin. I choose to do it because everyone puts like anything they want because they are lazy so I am doing a label of recycling paper bin. I was not challenging because I don´t want to give up on my learning. So here it is.