Tuesday, 18 December 2018

DAY 2: Forest Life

Summer learning journey

Hi guys I am back and today from summer learning journey I have a task which is called forest life. So ya I will be doing this task.
On your blog, tell us whether you would like to go and visit Tāne Mahuta one day. Be sure to tell us why you do (or do not) want to visit this endemic tree.

So they asked us questions and said why do you want to go to Tane Mahuta and why don´t you want to go. So first I am going to find out about Tane Mahuta then I will tell you guys some information about and tell you if want to go see him or not.
Here is a picture of it and it is from Wikipedia.
Tane Mahuta is a giant kauri tree its age is unknown but is estimated. It is the tallest kauri known to stand today. It is named for the Maori god forest and of birds.
Here is some information.
So my final answer for if I want to go or not.
So I would want to go and see Tane Mahuta because I want to learn more about it and I
don´t want to go because what if it wasn´t safe so a thanks guys for reading hope you guys enjoy reading my summer learning journey post. Thanks bye!!


  1. Kia Orana Keren,

    Cia here from the Summer Learning Journey Ako Hiko team.

    It looks like you have conflicting thoughts about whether you would or wouldn't want to visit Tāne Mahuta. I like that you included some information and background about the Kauri tree 'Tāne Mahuta' and its name.

    Perhaps next time you could explain why you think it would be dangerous to visit Tāne Mahuta. Why do you think it may not be safe?

    One day I would like to visit Tāne Mahuta so I can see the mighty tree up close. They grow to be so tall and magnificent I’d love to see it in person as a picture wouldn’t do it justice.

    Keep up the good work Keren, I look forward to reading more of your posts over the summer :)

    Toe feiloa’i fo’i (see you again),


  2. hey keren it looks so amazing your writing is perfect