Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Toolkit video Animation movie

Hi, guys, I am back and today I went toolkits and we went to Christ the King school and room 6 and room 4 people from Wesley primary they got to present at the toolkits also I learnt this cool thing which was stop-motion animation but I already knew how to do it and also it was fun because Wesley intermediate was doing it and it was fun because we got to draw and we got to do stop-motion animation with some toys and other things so ya it was fun and aslo I met 5 people there and they were only poeple from hay park because they all know me because my cousin goes there. But anyways it was fun so I am going to put a video of my stop-motion animation hope you like it.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Flip grid

Hey guys, I am back and today I was trying to work out this question...

8000 divided by 2

So I worked it out by doing
8 divided by 2
80 divided by 2
800 divided by 2
8000 divided by  2

So I found out that the answer was 400
so yea, please check that my answer is correct because I really want to
Learn my maths because it is my favorite subject.

Have you got bullied

You need to tell someone if you get bullied because it will get worse. My cousin gave me this song from hay park I asked if I could use it so he said yes. So then I decided to put this song on my blog this cheered me up before. Hope you love it. Blog you later.
Remember only positive, thoughtful, helpful, comments, please.
Thanks. By Keren

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Question for the day

Hi my name is Keren and my question is 

Why do people always get angry? I wonder why?

I think this might cheer you up until having one or two of this

A Calci yum


Two fruits might cheerful.

Comment down below if you have any ideas to cheer you up. Blog you later.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Thought about today

Hey blog

I am back and I have thought about today.
My thought is why do people keep on talking about other people but not themselves?
I wonder why people can't keep their mouth closed for once and try not to talk about that person. I think maybe some of us need to do mindful breathing or mindful pattern. maybe that's a great idea for everyone including people that don't do it. I think it's all for the best. So that is the end of my thoughts.
Thanks for reading
By the blogger.

What to post on your own blog!!

Hi, bloggers welcome back to my blog this is what I learned today.....

Welcome everyone back to my blog. Today I was learning about posting on your own blog so here is my work we had to make our google drawing and write what could we post online so I thought I might post this......