Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Can I help you

Malo, Lelei, I am back and today I am going to post my helping  Identify ways of helping others who are going through change, loss or grief so I did this like last term I  don´t know but when I did this I never thought about posting this but I realized that I am going to post something because I was so bored. So will this help you or something but this is just a reading job for what I did.  It was challenging because I never knew like what was grief but  I learned which is good. So ya hoep you like this and enhoy reading so ya bye thanks for reading my blog post and here is my work comment down below if this might help. COME ON THINK??? CLICK ME TO GO TO MY WORK

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Games over

Hey, guys, I am back and today I will be showing you guys my game I have played and it is an awesome game I played and I love this game and it is called... and how you play is that if you want to speed then you just have to click your mouse to go faster and where you want to go then you have to control it with your mouse so ya that is all for today and I will see you guys next time. BYE!!

Here are some pictures and here is the link click me.

Hey kids

Hi, Guys, I am back and today I will be posting my Abc and numbers for kids because  want to do something different and I want to teach other little kids the ABC and numbers so when they go school they can be good at counting so ya if you are a little kid check my blog and look at the ABC and the numbers so ya hope you like it bye.


Hey guyyyysss i am back and today I am teaching little kids There ABCs s ya lets get straight onto the blog post.

Aa Image result for apple
BbImage result for baby
Cc Image result for cat

Monday, 17 September 2018

Blog comment TERM 3

Hi, guys, I am back and today I will be posting my blog comment term 3. So I have been doing some commenting on other blogs and another school blog so if you see my slides then you can read my comments I have been doing. It was not challenging but my next steps are to make sure I check before posting my comment so here is my google slides.

Google slides term 3

Saturday, 15 September 2018

2018! story

Hi, Guys, I am back and today I will be sharing a 2018 story of all about me. So I am 10 years old I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers. I am still Tongan and I am proud to be Tongan. Do you still love being your culture? I am so happy because I am now a year 6 and I can not wait to go to intermediate. I LOVE WESLEY SO MUCH. I love to eat pizza and lettuce. I do not like eating lollies anymore because then I am going to be fat so do not eat lollies. Here is a photo of me from 2018 Hope you enjoyed reading and checking out my blog. BLOG YOU LATER!!


Malo, lelei, I am back and today I thought that would share some Tongan words because when it was Tongan language week I forgot to post some Tongan word so here are some Tongan words try pronouncing this on your own.

1) Hiva( Sing+9 years old) 2 Meanings
2) Alu(go)
3) Kai(eat)
4) Nima(Number 5+ hands) 2 Meaning
5) Fakaapapa ( Respect) 

So I think that is all for today and ya so hope you enjoy this and ya bye thanks for reading.