Thursday, 15 November 2018

Jagged smackdown

Hey everyone I am back and today I will be posting my Jagged smack down so my Jagged smack down  is to be organized. So how to be organized is that you got to be ready with everything you need and other stuff and you know so when you don't know how to be organized then look at mine so ya bye!! Thanks for reading!!

Guess who?

Hi guys I am back and today in the morning we met someone special and guess who it was!! it was Ane Tonga we met her this morning and we had fun and she also told me that never be shy to share answers in front of people you haven't met. We had a lot of fun and hopefully I get to share some of our photo's when I get them from our teacher that teaches us not Mr Margetts this lady she takes us and we have to like work with her. 
So ya bye hope you enjoy!! Bye!!

I got some GOOD NEWS!!

Hi guys I am back and today we were learning how to make our own news papers and here is mine and I love it but what do you think about it? This is my first time making my own news paper. So ya and my news paper is about athletics because I did not go camp I did athletics for my news paper. It was kind of challenging because I was trying to get everything in order and ya hope you guys like it bye.
This is my news paper hope you guys like it and comment down below if I did a good job? Bye!!

My reading focus

Hi guys I am back and today I will be reading a book to you which is called Mighty Mammals of the past. So first I will predict what will happen in the story. So what I think will happen is that their are very strong Mammals from the past and they can kill other animals except for like killing lions and then the animals meet  again with the Mammals are like kind so ya that's what I think what do you think?

A few hours later

Thanks for reading but sorry for reading the whole thing it what jut that I had no time.  Hope you enjoy bye see you later my Chromebook is broken so you might not see me posting on my blog sometimes. Bye guys see you later!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2018


Hi guys I am back and today I will be tell you guys what I was doing this morning. So this morning we did a reading test from 9 to 10 then we had a break and then we did a math from 10 something to morning tea. But anyways it was kind of easy and challenging because I kind of don't like reading and math is my favorite subject and we only had 40 minutes to complete the the reading and math test. So ya thanks for reading hope you enjoy.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

I am in University

Hi guys I am back and today I will be telling you where I went on Friday. So where I went with my friends which is Sarah,Tufui,Toeumu,Andrea,Luseane we all went to Auckland university and teacher and we went and met up with Lillian and our teacher said  she is from Labour day and then she showed us the Tongan Fale an then we went for morning tea and then we came to school and  ya we had to talk to miss Martin about what she was talking to us about so ya it was really fun and ya thanks for reading bye.

Are you bored?

Hi guys today what I will be posting is my reading I did with my group Andrea,Toeumu,Richard  and a new boy called Abdull he joined our group and ya so this is a reading and also we worked together because had to finish and guess what.... we finished yay see how you work together to finish that you do it but anyways we were reading page 1 which was called plan your day walk. So ya hope you enjoy reading and comment down below if you think we did great. Bye