Tuesday, 18 December 2018

DAY 2: Forest Life

Summer learning journey

Hi guys I am back and today from summer learning journey I have a task which is called forest life. So ya I will be doing this task.
On your blog, tell us whether you would like to go and visit Tāne Mahuta one day. Be sure to tell us why you do (or do not) want to visit this endemic tree.

So they asked us questions and said why do you want to go to Tane Mahuta and why don´t you want to go. So first I am going to find out about Tane Mahuta then I will tell you guys some information about and tell you if want to go see him or not.
Here is a picture of it and it is from Wikipedia.
Tane Mahuta is a giant kauri tree its age is unknown but is estimated. It is the tallest kauri known to stand today. It is named for the Maori god forest and of birds.
Here is some information.
So my final answer for if I want to go or not.
So I would want to go and see Tane Mahuta because I want to learn more about it and I
don´t want to go because what if it wasn´t safe so a thanks guys for reading hope you guys enjoy reading my summer learning journey post. Thanks bye!!

Thursday, 13 December 2018


   Hey guys I am back and today I am going to be talking to you about intermediate. 
So guy's if you know I am going to intermediate and I am pretty scared because I have never been to intermediate but m brother say's it is fine. Next year I have to be good at speaking and I have to be organised. so ya that is all for today hope you guys enjoy reading and try guess this school logo if you get it correct good job.  Bye!!
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Wednesday, 12 December 2018


Hey guys I am back and today I am going to be posting information about blogging so if you guys know I love blogging and not really much people post about reading but here is some information. Hope you enjoy and hope you make one and share with me so I can read. So ya thanks for reading and ya hope you enjoy bye.

Monday, 10 December 2018

I am so scared

I guys I am back and today we were doing jagged Smack down and it was really fun because we gt one minute to talk about our jagged Smack down so ya hope like mine and give me some feedback about it and ya. Bye thanks for reading if you think this is good comment down below. 
Bye thanks for reading once again. There is also a video if you want to watch it. The link already on. So ya see you next time bye.

The beginning of water pollution😍

The beginning of water pollution😍😎

Hi guys I am back and today we made our movie which was me Karson and Danielle but Karson was not here so we had some help from Andrea,Noah, and the camera person which is Loseli.

It was so fun and ya we worked really hard to do this because it took us weeks and days to try and finish this so ya if you guys want to see our movie well then here it is. 

Comment down below if you agree or disagree with Danielle 
about the words that Danielle said.

So ya thanks for reading and watching our video or movie we call it. So ya bye.
Blog you later.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Will we die?

Water pollution!!

Hi guys I am back and today we are trying to finish off our Big question and slides that we made. So our big question is how long will our water last if people keep chucking rubbish on the ground?

So we have found 2 websites and I read my one and added some facts about my website I found and I put them on the slides so I will share the slides with you and you can go through the slides and read the facts and thing on the slides. 

This was really tricky because this took us weeks and days for us to try and finish this. 

If you found a website can you let us know so we can check it out so ya thanks. 
Blog you later!! Check out my groups blog!!

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Looking into the future

Summer learning journey

Hey guys I am back and today you might of have seen when I posted the 2 summer learning journey.

So I will be talking to you about looking into the future.

It may be hard to imagine but one day you will graduate high school and their will be a time where you get to decide what is your next steps.

It is your choice to choose what you want to do your choice not other people you choose.
If you really think you want to go university then go training college you choose none else can choose for you it´s your choice so go into to the world and do what you want in the future but you may be want you want to be. 
I want to be a singer when I grow up but not become famous.

So ya thanks guys for reading hope you enjoy but remember you choose because it is your choice.
So thanks for reading bye!!