Thursday, 6 December 2018

Will we die?

Water pollution!!

Hi guys I am back and today we are trying to finish off our Big question and slides that we made. So our big question is how long will our water last if people keep chucking rubbish on the ground?

So we have found 2 websites and I read my one and added some facts about my website I found and I put them on the slides so I will share the slides with you and you can go through the slides and read the facts and thing on the slides. 

This was really tricky because this took us weeks and days for us to try and finish this. 

If you found a website can you let us know so we can check it out so ya thanks. 
Blog you later!! Check out my groups blog!!

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  1. Awesome post. Maybe you could share the websites you found? How did you have to collaborate during this task?